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     Text Book      


a) SSA will support provision for Text Books to all children in Govt./Local Body and Govt. aided school including Madrasha desirous of introducing the State curriculum with an upper ceiling of Rs.150/-per child at Primary level and Rs.250/-per child at Upper Primary level.
b) Where the State have providing from their budget will continue to fund Text Books.
c)The States who have undertaken curriculum reforms in consonances with NCF-2005 and have taken the steps to improve the development, production and printing quality of textbooks Top-up Grant of Textbooks for children allowed at par the rate as allowed for Text Books.
d) Primers/Textbooks developed for Tribal Languages with bridging materials to facilitate a transition to State Language of instruction and English, would be eligible for textbooks for classes I & II within the ceiling of Rs.150/-per child.
e) State can support workbooks, worksheets and other essential teaching learning materials which constitute textual materials for the subject, Class or Grade within the ceiling of prescribed unit cost per child.
f) Where the State is partially subsiding the cost of Textbooks for the elementary classes then the assistance under SSA would be restricted to that portion which is being borne by children, subject to the overall ceiling as above(a).



Uniform Grant

  a) Two sets of uniforms for all girls and boys belonging to SC/ST/BPL families within ceiling of Rs. 400/-per child per annum.
b) Where the States are providing uniforms from their State Budgets, shall continue to do so.
c) Where the State is partially subsidizing the cost of uniforms the restriction of SSA is only
for the rest part only.
d) To access GOI Funds, the State RTE Rules must declare uniform as a child entitlement.
e) Procurement of uniforms will be decentralized to the Level of school. There will be no centralization at State, District or Block level.
f) In places where school authority are not in a position to provide uniforms in kinds, cash transfer will be allowed provided that prior approval of PAB at National Level has been obtained.
   Inclusive Education        


  Children With Special Needs (CWSN) belonging from Cerebral Palsy (Only Boys), Autistic (Only Boys), Multiple Disability (Only Boys), and all Girls CWSN except Learning Disability are eligible for Transport Allowance  
    Escort Allowance      
  Children With Special Needs (CWSN) belonging from Mentally Retairded (Only Boys), Blind (Only Boys), and Lower extremity disability  (Only Boys)are eligible for Escort Allowance  
    Therapeautic Support      
  All Children With Special Needs are eligible  
   Special Training        
  Special Training Kit for the Out of School Children when the child will attend the Special Training centre for age appropriate admission.  
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