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School Management Committee (SMC)
Effective implementations of various provisions, ensuring that children's right to education along with various entitlements specified in the RTE Act rests with the School Management Committee and the school heads. The RTE Act gives immense importance to SMCs as the decentralised structure, and one in which the parents will have a very significant role. Essential provisions regarding constitution and functions of SMCs have been given in Sections 21 and 22. The support of the SMC and village based organisations would be invaluable in communicating in simple and creative ways the rights of the child as enunciated in the Act to the population in the neighbourhood of the school; as also the duties of the appropriate Government, local authority, school, parents and guardians. In pursuance of the RTE Act, SSA will institute a community based monitoring system for the SMC to:

i.ensure the enrolment and attendance of all the children, especially children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections in the school(s);
ii.Ensure that children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections are not discriminated against, and prevented from pursuing and completing elementary education.
iii.Monitor that all not-enrolled and dropout children are facilitated to participate in Special Training for age appropriate admission to regular school as per section 4 of the RTE Act.
iv.Monitor the identification, enrolment and participation of children with disability in elementary education, and ensure that facilities for their education are provided.
v.Ensure that child rights under the RTE Act, especially rights with respect to prohibition of physical and mental harassment, expulsion and detention, the provision of any-time admission are observed in letter and spirit. and that child entitlements, including uniforms, textbooks, mid-day meal, etc. are provided in a timely manner. Deviations would be taken up with the Head Teacher. The SMC would bring instances of persistent disregard of child rights to the notice of the local
vi.Monitor the maintenance of the norms and standards specified in the Schedule to the RTE Act.
vii.Monitor that teachers are not burdened with non-academic duties other than those specified in section 27 of the RTE, viz., decennial population census, disaster relief and elections to Parliament, Legislature and Local Bodies;
viii.Ensure that teachers maintain regularity and punctuality in attendance as per Section 24(a), hold regular meetings with parents to apprise them about their child's progress as per section24(e),and do not engage in private tuition as per section 28 of the RTE Act.

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